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 Welcome to JNET
JNET is the premier Professional Networking Organization within the Jewish community. As a member-based organization, JNET is committed to serving the needs of its increasing membership and to facilitating the growth of business relationships in our community.
Members include a diverse cross-section of individual business people and owners, professionals, corporate executives and tradespeople from private and public organizations. We invite you to attend our meetings.
There is no cost for first-time guests and no reservation is required. Just show up! This is your opportunity to join local Jewish businesspeople and help give your business--and theirs--a BIG boost!
You will have the opportunity for schmoozing, introductions, “JNET Connect“ meetings, and more.
We mean business!


Jackie Mendelson
Chairperson of the Board 

Membership dues are $85 per year.
Make credit card payments online
or mail checks to:

  4919 Topanga Canyon Blvd.
 Woodland Hills, CA 91364
Check out this video from our South Bay chapter!


Courtesy of JNET Palos Verdes member Mark Gold of 24KT Sound and Video,

Video Production for Business Organizations (


Crystallizing a Sweet Year for JNET


By Jackie Mendelson

Chairperson, JNET National Board of Directors


The High Holidays are upon us, so before I talk JNET business I want to wish all of you a happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year. But more than a platitude, may we have a sweet year, one where we value love, respect, and our Jewish dignity we so richly deserve. May each and every one of you, and all whom you hold dear, be inscribed in the Book of Life.

Looking Back

In the year 5776, we launched two successful chapters. The first was in Palos Verdes at Congregation Ner Tamid and the second was in Hollywood at Temple Israel of Hollywood. And unfortunately, for no lack of earnest trying, we ended our presence to the farthest north of Los Angeles County by closing JNET Santa Clarita. In addition, we merged the Northridge chapter into JNET West Hills. As a result, JNET ended the year with a dozen resilient chapters serving the widest expanse of communities in our history.


The JNET National Board of Directors is made up of some of the finest and most committed volunteers I have ever had the pleasure to work with. It is not easy to have the fate of an organization in your hands, making decisions daily that affect individual JNET members, whole chapters, and the future of JNET and its mission.


I would like to acknowledge the members of our Board and thank them from the bottom of my heart for everything they have done and will continue to do in the future to support our unique networking experience.


Judi Lirman, MFT, Psychotherapist, Vice Chair of the Board, and Chair of the Support and Nominating Committees


Dalia Hayon, Financial Advisor/Owner, Secretary of the Board, and Co-Chair of the Membership Committee


Randy Michel, CPA, Treasurer of the Board, Chair of the Finance Committee, and member of the Nominating Committee


Fred Gruber, Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist, Past Treasurer of the Board, and member of the Finance Committee


Dana Bigman, Marketing Communications Specialist and Chair of the Growth and Public Relations Committees


Sandy Hollander, Travel Consultant/Owner, Chair of the Social Committee, and Co-Chair of the Care Committee


Max Izenberg, Suddenly 65 Publisher/Owner and Co-Chair of the Membership and Care Committees


Steven Mayer, Attorney at Law and Chair of the Program Committee


Stuart Fried, Career Coach & Academic Consultant/Owner and Past Chair of the PR Committee and planning the new Young Professionals initiative


Judy Robitschek, Graphic Designer/Owner, member of the Public Relations and Support Committees and past member of the Membership Committee


Wendy Yano, Advanced Planning Representative and member of the Support Committee

Looking Ahead

There will be some exciting changes ahead for JNET in the coming year. We plan to:

  • Nurture the existing chapters and request feedback from current members and past members as to what parts of the JNET experience work and what can be better.
  • Continue to strengthen the leadership on the Board and chapter level.
  • Streamline procedures for eblasts, flyers, speaker signups, public relations, and other JNET processes and create procedures so volunteers can accomplish tasks quickly and easily.
  • Fine-tune the JNET website to make it a more user-friendly tool for members and also better reflect what JNET is all about.
  • Work to solve the food challenges at chapter meetings.


These goals will take strategic planning and consideration for our needs in the future.


I know I sound like a broken record, but when you decide to join a chapter’s leadership team or consider a seat on the JNET National Board of Directors, at least two things will happen: You will get more exposure to the membership of JNET, enabling you to cultivate stronger relationships—and that can only be good for business! You also will be lending a much-needed hand to help strengthen and guide the chapter and/or the JNET organization as a whole. This is not a time-robber; it is time well spent in support of us all.


If you are interested in volunteering as a JNET leader, please contact Nominating Committee Chair Judi Lirman at or 818-998-3205.




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