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Welcome New Members!
November 2015
Donna Finkel
Jimmy Delshad
Sandra Farshi
Rachel Lowenthal
Steven Glick
Stephanie Shotsky
Nikki Kilgore
Dina Dreizler
Esther Ahdoot
Anita Kugler
October 2015
Sandy Marchand
Stacey Dubowitch
Valerie Atamian
Paul Reisz
Marc Gold
Suzanne Kellner-Zinck
Kenny Rose
Kenneth Schwab
Craig Goldfarb
Sharon Lippman-Kwechansky
Steven Kovary
Elizabeth Sax
Sandra Khalili
Rebekah Verdon
Ralph Wronker
Stacy Weiss
Ari Rubinstein
Cat Slater
James Wald
Denise Feldman
Pearl Kaperl
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 Welcome to JNET
JNET is the premiere Professional Networking Organization within the Jewish community. As a member-based organization, JNET is committed to serving the needs of its increasing membership and to facilitating the growth of business relationships in our community.
Members include a diverse cross-section of individual business people and owners, professionals, corporate executives and tradespeople from private and public organizations. We invite you to attend our meetings.
There is no cost for first-time guests and no reservation is required. Just show up! This is your opportunity to join local Jewish businesspeople and help give your business--and theirs--a BIG boost!
You will have the opportunity for schmoozing, introductions, “JNET Connect“ meetings, and more.
We mean business!


Jackie Mendelson
Chairperson of the Board 

Membership dues are $85 per year.
Credit card payments online
or mail checks to:

  4919 Topanga Canyon Blvd.
 Woodland Hills, CA. 91364




DOs and DON’Ts for JNET Connects, THANKS for JNET Connections


Hi, Everyone! It is hard to believe that we are about to sit down to a Thanksgiving meal with family and friends in just a few weeks, and our Chanukah Mixer will happen shortly after that on December 7. We will be sending out announcements soon, but I wanted to give you some pre-emptive news: We are moving the party to Valley Beth Shalom in Encino, and the entire meal will be kosher with numerous vegetarian selections! Stay tuned for all the details.


I have been getting a lot of feedback about our JNET Connects program. Most of it is good, but there are concerns that members might need a refresher course on the purpose and protocol for our “troikas.”


Every chapter has the freedom to set up the JNET Connects in whichever way proves successful, but the purpose never waivers. We all feel better about doing business and referring business with people that we come to know and trust. It is very difficult to gain that bond in a chapter meeting, so JNET Connects is our structured plan to help you make those more personal connections.


Whether you like a morning meet-up or prefer to finish your day and then meet, that is up to you and the group. We meet to learn a little more about each other, our businesses, and how we can lend and gain support in hopes that we all succeed and prosper.


Here are some DOs and DON’Ts that should be a guideline for JNET Connects (troikas):

  • DO limit the number of participants to 4.

  • DO connect with people you don't know, whenever possible.

  • DO appoint one of the participants to be the coordinator to email everyone the date, time, and location of the troika a few days after the chapter meeting. They should also send a reminder a day or two before.

  • DO consider the location of the participants when choosing a meeting spot.

  • DO be open to driving to a location in the vicinity of the original chapter meeting if necessary.

  • DO consider a troika a commitment just like any other business meeting.

  • DO be a good listener and take the time to get to know others personally rather than just talking about yourself and your business.

  • DON'T invite others to join the troika that were not a part of the original group.

  • DON'T flake out on attending. If you absolutely must cancel, please call, text, or email the other members so they do not wait for you to show up.

  • DON'T meet at a restaurant and just order water. Remember that we are taking space meant for providing service and should patronize the venue we select.

  • DON'T pass up an opportunity to utilize every aspect of your JNET membership.


Please know that everything JNET provides—chapter meetings, JNET Connects, opportunities to be a part of our leadership teams, parties and mixers, monthly e-newsletters, Facebook and LinkedIn pages, your Personal Profile on the website, speaking opportunities and introductions, referrals, social events, and community interaction—all are designed to offer you every chance for increased prosperity and to build new relationships with likeminded Jewish business professionals. So many of our members, myself included, have made friends for life as a result of JNET. I also give all my business that I can to JNET members and am grateful for those who support me.


On behalf of the JNET Board of Directors, I offer you our THANKS for your participation in JNET and for promoting our mission.


Jackie Mendelson

Chairperson of the Board