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David Shannon   (#646)   

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Northridge, CA
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Barbara Shannon

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Woodland HIlls


     4 decades ago I became a dentist because I care about people. For my entire life I have dedicated myself to being there for people who need me.
     My wife Barbara has been a teacher for over 40 years. We live in Agoura Hills where we raised four children. Our three sons are married and have four children between them. My third son, Daniel, is a chiropractor and member of J net.  My daughter is working for Mercedes of Thousand Oaks and lives at home now.
     I care about my business community in Northridge. I have a 'Let's Help' program for people who do not have dental insurance which allows them to come in for a Full Comprehensive Examination, Full set of digital x-rays, and a cleaning for $39.00 to get them back on track.
     I started many community activities such as two free emergency days which I coordinate through local churches and temples, helping those who cannot afford dentistry.
     I collect Halloween candy after November first. I give $1.00 per pound of candy to the children and then donate it to the USO for our military and Operation Gratitude for our troops in Afghanistan. In 2015 I collected over 2000 lbs (1 ton!) of candy.
     I collect food during November and bring it to MEND for those in our community who are in need. Also the proceeds for my holiday $39.00 cleaning I do in November I donate to MEND.
     In December I collect toys for SOVA along with any monies from December let's help $39.00 cleanings to help support children who would not get to celebrate their holidays with gifts without this wonderful organization.
     Roses for patients and staff at Northridge Hospital bought with the $39.00 lets help cleanings during the week of Valentine's day is another way of reaching out to others in need of care.
  Through my actions and the awareness for others to take notice, I hope to make a difference in our world. We can use these programs to make ourselves better people and in the process unlock our inner smiles so that smiling on the outside will brighten the lives of all people around us.  
     My life's mission is to change the world one smile at a time.