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Benefits to Members


JNET has many chapters that meet across Southern California, affording members several opportunities each month to network with other Jews interested in doing business together. Beyond the supportive atmosphere and friends you’ll make, here are some of the many benefits of JNET membership.



Direct Promotions

Promote your business at meetings, and get to know other business owners whose services and products could benefit you.


•  Give a 10-minute presentation at two chapter meetings each year


•  Present a 30-second introduction at every chapter meeting


•  Benefit from JNET’s large membership network by attending other chapter meetings across Southern California, where members can also give a 30-second introduction and meet members interested in doing business together


•  List your business in the JNET Membership Directory, published on JNET’s website



Mixers and Gatherings

Get to know members in a variety of informal social mixers and supportive gatherings


•  Attendance at special mixers and social events


•  Seminars and workshops free or at a reduced rate for members


•  Representing the Jewish concept of a troicha, share your business and learn about others’ businesses in small, supportive gatherings through JNET Connect 



Supportive Online Networks


•  Needs and Opportunities


•  LinkedIn Group



Mission, Membership, and Meetings

•  JNET creates many collaborative contexts to facilitate Jewish networking. Meeting within temples provides a familiar and supportive community setting for members to network and share.


•  JNET membership is diverse, with many talents and skills. Learn about other great business resources and professionals who can support your business.


•  Beyond direct networking opportunities to share with members, meetings offer tips and insights for promoting your business, as well as many creative networking formats, such as Game Show Night.