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About JNET

Our Mission

JNET is the trusted business resource for the Jewish community. As a member-based networking organization, JNET connects and empowers Jewish professionals in a supportive environment that fuels business referrals, resources, collaboration and leadership opportunities for its members, while strengthening the Jewish business community as a whole.


JNET began in 2005 as one chapter in the Conejo Valley as a way for local Jewish business owners to network and support each other's businesses. It has since expanded to 10 chapters and nearly 300 members throughout Southern California.

JNET members are diverse and represent a wide variety of fields and regions. Members join a specific chapter, and are also encouraged to attend other chapters’ meetings and multi-chapter mixers, thanks to its ever-expanding network.

In 2011, the Board approved a plan to expand JNET throughout the United States, and efforts are underway for additional chapters beyond California.


JNET fosters a community of Jews helping Jews. At chapter monthly meetings, JNET helps its members network with people who are there specifically to help them increase their businesses. Members build relationships, share information about the products and services they provide, and offer testimonials for fellow members whose services they’ve used. JNET attracts kind and caring people who serve as resources to one another.

Chapter meetings typically include members' featured presentations, 30-second introductions by all attendees, networking tips, and the opportunity to nosh, kibitz, exchange business cards and get better acquainted. There are also occasional small-group get-togethers, called JNET Connect.

Many JNET chapters hold meetings at their local synagogue, further strengthening ties within the community. For the temple, hosting JNET meetings involves members in more activities within their temple, and introduces unaffiliated Jews to their facility and temple family.