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Rosalie Finer   (#584)   

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Encino, CA
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Harmony in Parenting, A Psychology Center, Inc.
Clinical Psychology

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Bill Greenberg


Encino (formerly Valley Village)


At Harmony in Parenting, we provide a safe space for both parent and child to explore, understand, and address the needs that get in the way of achievement, confidence, and overall success. We understand the struggles of raising children and honor the unique perspectives and experiences each parent brings. Our approach focuses on the connection between parent and child which helps children develop the social-emotional skills that are needed as they grow.  We work collaboratively and provide an array of services to meet the unique needs of each family including individual therapy, family therapy, Friendship Groups, Mindful Moms Groups, and school consultation/training.


Friendship Groups

Peer relationships can be challenging for children to navigate often times causing them to feel left out, uncertain of themselves, or causing difficulty in maintaining healthy friendships. Our groups are dedicated to helping children (ages 3-10) learn practical skills to improve communication with peers, manage challenging situations, and build empathy for others. Concepts offered through the group are shared with parents to help them support their children's social and emotional growth, as they work towards generalizing the skills they learn. Children are paired/grouped based on age.

The skills learned through our group can help your child to gain confidence with peers, build a healthy foundation for relationships, understand the perspective of others, improve problem solving skills, and regulate emotions effectively.

Mindful Moms Groups

Our groups are devoted to helping mothers find relief from everyday stress and anxiety. Benefits of the group include being more calm when challenges arise, modeling mindfulness and teaching their children mindfulness strategies to help them gain clarity in thinking, finding more enjoyment in life and motherhood, being present with their children, and gaining confidence in motherhood.