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JNET Newsletter: February 2017:

In This Issue:
  • Highlights from Woodland Hills January Event
  • New Website Look & Feel
  • JNET's From the Rabbi Series
  • Getting the Most Out of Your Profile
  • JNET Cares
  • JNET in the News
  • Involvement Opportunities
  • Speaking Opportunities

JNET: Bigger, Better, and More Valuable to Your Business in 2017

photo of JNET Chairperson Jackie Mendelson

By Jackie Mendelson,
JNET Chairperson

Thank you to those members who took advantage of JNET's membership renewal offer. We are thrilled that so many of you participated and are also grateful for the positive feedback that we have gotten about the plans we have for JNET in 2017.

There is a lot to be excited about right now. The Woodland Hills Chapter held a fantastic January meeting with more than 250 attendees. The speaker, Amit Kleinberger, CEO of Menchie's Frozen Yogurt, gave a brilliant talk that kept the audience riveted.

The Santa Monica Chapter has found a new home at Temple Akiba in Culver City, and we are all so happy that the meetings that were so warm and inclusive will resume.

The Bel Air and Valley Village chapters are holding a combined meeting this month. It promises to be a lot of fun with two incredible speakers, a networking opportunity for members and guests, and the chance to win a Menchie’s gift card.


JNET has a Facebook page, where chapters and members are posting fascinating news and information. Some of the chapters have their own Facebook pages where they feature chapter announcements as well. Stay in-the-know by visiting the Facebook pages at least once a week.

Also take advantage of the JNET LinkedIn group page. Post information about your business, and let members know what you have to offer or anything of interest that you would like to share.

Most importantly of all, go to your profile on the website ( See “Getting the Most Out of Your JNET Profile” below, and make sure that all the information on who you are, what you do, and how to best contact you, is complete and current. You would be surprised how many JNET members use that Member Directory to look for referrals and services. Get your picture up there and let people know that you are ready for business.

Highlights from Woodland Hills January Event and Marketplace

"Inspiring," "Priceless information," "Amit’s presentation knocked it out of the ballpark" and "Great networking!" These are just a few of the comments heard at the JNET Woodland Hills annual event, held January 24 at Temple Aliyah. The event drew more than 250 attendees, the largest crowd yet. Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt CEO Amit Kleinberger was the keynote speaker. His talk, “Think Differently,” highlighted how the companies that have succeeded all have one thing in common: They understand the importance of sharing their passion with their customers, and of bringing the customers into the mix.

Amit Kleinberger with Lisa Aminnia

JNET Woodland Hills Chapter President Lisa Aminnia (right) presents Menchie’s CEO Amit Kleinberger with a Certificate of Appreciation for being the event's Keynote Speaker.

The event also featured more than 20 JNET businesses with table top displays in the Marketplace. Attendees were greeted by an abundance of food, and the dessert featured Menchie’s frozen yogurt with a choice of toppings. Thank you again to all the event sponsors and to the Marketplace Platinum Sponsors: Douglas Wolf, Family Law Attorney, Jackson Schwartz & Ben Tadelis, Morgan Stanley; Jackie Mendelson, ArabicaDabra Coffee Company; David Shannon, Family & Cosmetic Dentistry; Fred Gruber, First Rate Financial Group; Cara Lisco, Highland Hall Waldorf School; Joel Goldman, ComForCare Home Care; Deborah Shapiro, Alpha Omega Professionals; Sandy Rosenholz, Senior Resources; George Schaffer, Real Estate Professional, Berkshire Hathaway; and Kathleen Goldner, Shalev Senior Living. Kudos to the entire Woodland Hills Chapter Leadership Team. Well done!

JNET Woodland Hills Event Committee

Woodland Hills Team with Menchie’s CEO Amit Kleinberger. L to R (back row): Michael Sholklapper, Mark Widawer, David Shannon, Amit Kleinberger, George Schaffer, David Becker, Jackson Schwartz and Doug Wolf. JNET Woodland Hills Chapter President Lisa Aminnia (left), Sandy Hollander (right), and Randy Michel (not pictured).

JNET’s Website is Getting a Makeover!

new website image

This spring, will get a face lift to the front-end site. While its heart and soul will remain the same, look for a new layout and design that provides easier access to helpful information and news. Get the scoop on what’s happening at JNET, find tips on how to maximize your JNET membership, and explore ways to take action and make a difference.

One of the major changes involves a new navigation menu that makes information more accessible and better organized. It may take a little getting used to, but the easy drop-down menus will help you locate the information you seek in logical, easy-to-remember places.

Please be assured that some very important aspects are remaining the same, including the Member Login in the upper-right corner of the website, as well as the Control Panel for chapter leaders.

Important: Members are strongly encouraged to log into the member-centric site. As always, logging into the website provides members access to a more robust navigation menu, with more options. This will become even more apparent with the new site.

So get your passwords ready, and be on the lookout for the website’s new look and informative content coming soon!

JNET’s From the Rabbi Series

JNET's Rabbi Series Promo

This March 2017, JNET launches a new series of Jewish rabbinic teachings about how Jews should conduct business — with each other, and within the broader community, citing historic references to business in our traditions and religious principles.

JNET is very honored to have several distinguished rabbis contributing, featuring one article by a different rabbi each month from the synagogues where our chapters are held. JNET partners with synagogues because JNET and its members highly value doing business with integrity, with fellow Jews, and within the context of the temple community.

Each monthly series will appear on JNET’s website,, and will stimulate conversation while networking in JNET’s 12 chapter meetings.

Tune in to the JNET website this March for the series launch, presented by Rabbi Brian Schuldenfrei of Congregation Ner Tamid in Palos Verdes, and return each subsequent month for a new topic and fresh rabbinic perspective on doing business halachically.

Be sure to tell your family, friends and colleagues about this special opportunity to become an even better businessperson!

Getting the Most Out of Your JNET Profile

JNET provides members with a number of opportunities to advertise their businesses, including a profile on Please take advantage of this chance to tell us more about your professional experience. JNET members use the directory as a reference guide to build their connections, whether or not they have met an individual in person. They rely on the biography and other information provided by the member to guide them in their decision. If you haven’t filled out your profile yet or have forgotten where to access it, here’s a quick five-step guide to doing so:

  1. In the upper right corner of the JNET website, choose "Member Login." Enter your user name and password.
  2. Your name will then appear in the upper right corner, along with an arrow at the right side. Click on the arrow and choose "Profile."
  3. You’ll then be taken to "Member Profile," a page with boxes. In the box entitled "Personal Info," choose "Membership Directory."
  4. You’ll see spaces to share your social media addresses and fill out a biography. Be specific, especially if you are in a profession that has several designations (e.g., business attorney, estate planning attorney, elder law attorney).
  5. Upload your photograph.

JNET will continue to find ways to help our members better promote themselves. Take advantage of it. JNET only works when you work it.

JNET Cares

  • Kudos to Arnold Hurwitz on the celebration of his 81st birthday and 60th anniversary in the auto industry.
  • Congratulations to Larry Estrin whose daughter, Shaunah, is now head chef of Laurel Point restaurant, formerly The Daily Grill located at 12050 Ventura Blvd., Studio City.
  • Mazel Tov to Sonya Roos and her husband, Leo, who just celebrated 65 years of marriage. They met at City College of New York.
  • Best wishes to Bob and Ida Worth on the engagement of their son, Michael to Brooke.
  • Congratulations to Ben Tadelis who has had a busy start to the year. His son Payam (Danny) and daughter-in-law Elham (Ellie) are expecting a baby at the end of July. Ben’s son Gary married Lorraine on January 1, 2017 in Carpenteria.

If you have news about JNET members (business successes, mitzvahs, get well wishes, condolences, etc.), please contact Sandy Hollander at or Max Izenberg,, Co-Chairs of the Care Committee.

JNET in the News

  • JNET’s “How Jews Schmooze” ad awill appear in the February 10 edition of the Jewish Journal. The ad will appear again in March, May, June, September and November issues. Thank you once again to Judy Robitschek for designing the ad, which hopefully will attract many newcomers to JNET meetings in 2017.

Involvement Opportunities

Volunteering is the best way to develop deeper relationships, get known by JNET’s leaders and members and strengthen personal and business connections. Please consider lending a little of your time, energy and expertise to the growth and success of JNET by taking one of the chapter positions available or considering what you can contribute to our organization on the committee or Board level. You can assist with PR or the functionality of our website, help chapters fill their speaker slots, be on the Social Committee and help plan our mixers—or fill a void that is yet to be discovered.

The Thousand Oaks, Pacific Palisades and Westwood chapters are each in need of a Public Relations/Eblast Coordinator. The position involves adding meetings to the online Calendar, creating flyers, emailing meeting notifications, and posting information on social media and online bulletin boards. No previous PR experience is necessary, though good writing and computer skills and attention to detail are a must. Training will be provided. For more information, contact JNET Thousand Oaks President Steve Marche at 805-374-6000 or, JNET Pacific Palisades President Kathleen Goldner at 310-913-1118 or JNET Westwood President Barry Sikov at 310-476-9720 or

The Tarzana AM Chapter is looking for a Membership Coordinator. The individual is the point of contact for any potential member for the Chapter. The Chapter Membership Coordinator receives direction from the Chapter President with support from the JNET National Board Membership Committee. The Membership Chair must be personally familiar with the online process for joining JNET, ensure that all members receive their JNET name badge, are responsible for contacting members who have not kept current with their dues, identify and work with members in order for them to effectively serve as “greeters” at chapter meetings, encourages members to keep their membership active and contacts members who have let their membership expire to encourage them to re-join JNET, attends the JNET Board's annual meeting of Membership Coordinators. This is a one year term with eligibility for re-election. The Chapter Membership Coordinator shall serve no more than three consecutive one-year terms unless special circumstances are determined by the JNET National Board of Directors. For more information contact Tarzana AM President Phil Blum at 323-823-2479 or

If you are interesting in serving on a JNET committee, please contact Judi Lirman, Chair of the Nominating Committee, at 818-939-7098 or

Speaker Opportunities

Under JNET's rules and regulations, members can speak at a chapter meeting twice a year (every 181 days) but not at the same chapter in the same calendar year. In the past, JNET’s Board of Directors has given special dispensation to new and smaller chapters, that are enthusiastic about growing their membership but are meeting with some obstacles in that pursuit, allowing them to have members speak without it encroaching on the two-time speaking rule. The Board is giving this dispensation to the JNET South Bay, Tarzana AM, and Thousand Oaks chapters for a period of six months in the 2017 calendar year. For more information, contact JNET South Bay President Eran Conforty at, Tarzana AM President Phil Blum at 323-823-2479 or or Thousand Oaks President Steve Marche at 805-374-6000 or

If you have any other questions, please contact Judi Lirman, JNET Vice Chair, at 818-939-7098 or

JNET Contact Information:

Chapter Support – Judi Lirman,
Care Committee – Sandy Hollander, and Max Izenberg,
Finance – Randy Michel, CPA
Growth – Jackie Mendelson,
Membership – Dalia Hayon,, and Max Izenberg,
Programs/Speakers – Jennifer Maraia,
Public Relations/Communications – Robin Kellogg,
Facebook Page – JNET Administrator,
LinkedIn Group – Stuart Fried,
Social Events – Sandy Hollander,, and Gail Salem,
Website – JNET Administrator,

Stay Connected and Join the Conversation:

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In addition, six of our chapters have their own Facebook groups or pages:

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