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Q: What is the purpose of JNET?

A: JNET, the Jewish Business Networking Organization, is the premier professional networking organization within the Jewish community. As a membership-based organization, JNET is committed to serving the needs of its increasing membership and facilitating the growth of business relationships throughout the Jewish community.

Q: Who joins JNET?

A: JNET members include a diverse cross-section of professionals, entrepreneurs, business owners, executives, and tradespeople from the private and public sectors. Adults of all ages and of all business positions and titles are welcome at JNET meetings. We hold our meetings at synagogues, but no religious affiliation is required.

Q: How many chapters are there?

A: Currently there are 12 chapters in Los Angeles County and Ventura County: Bel Air, Hollywood, Pacific Palisades, Santa Monica, South Bay, Tarzana AM, Tarzana PM, Thousand Oaks, Valley Village, West Hills, Westwood, and Woodland Hills.

Q: Can I attend a meeting before joining?

A: Yes! There is no cost for first-time guests and no reservation is required. Check out the Calendar and visit the meeting of your choice.

Q: What are some of the benefits of membership?

A: Unlike any other networking organization, JNET offers its members many unique benefits. JNET members can take advantage of JNET's vast membership network by attending the monthly meetings of any or all of its 12 chapters throughout Southern California. Members also enjoy JNET's Summer and Chanukah mixers.

In addition, members can give 10-minute presentations about their business and expertise once every six months, and can participate in small-group “JNET Connect” or “troika” get-togethers to get better acquainted to expand their business and referral network. Like no other networking organization, JNET provides programs, tools, and resources that members can use to build a referral network for the long-term.

Q: How much are membership dues?

A: Membership dues are $136, paid annually. That means, for less than $12 per month, members can attend any or all of 12 chapter meetings across Southern California. Some networking organizations charge by the meeting, whereas JNET's payment structure encourages attendance at multiple chapter meetings so that you can grow your network for business and referrals.

Q: Why are all JNET meetings held at synagogues?

A: JNET learned early on that the best way to ensure a strong, stable chapter is to affiliate with a local temple. It’s a win-win for JNET and for the congregation.

Q: Are non-Jews allowed to join JNET?

A: JNET membership is made up of people of the Jewish faith, living a Jewish lifestyle and contributing to the betterment of the Jewish community. This could include people who were not born Jewish.

JNET does not discriminate nor deny membership to non-Jewish professionals, however, because JNET is made up of Jewish people who have chosen to do business within the Jewish community, respect for Jewish customs are expected from those who are not Jewish.

Q: How can I start a chapter at my Temple?

A: Terrific! For information, contact JNET's Administrator at