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Alex Kwechansky   (#781)   

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Los Angeles, CA
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RedBlack Research, Inc.
Business Crisis Mgt,Fraud,Litigation,Forensic Acct
PO Box 48046

Los Angeles, CA  

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Sharon Lippman

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Alex Kwechansky is a specialist in business crisis and fraud analysis, resolution and prevention. He holds the accreditation of Diplomate in accordance with the American Board of Forensic Accounting. His work focuses on fraud discovery, resolution and strategic recovery for companies, their investors and lenders. 

His career began with accounting firms where his assignments included investigations into fraudulent client activities.  It continued with several situations as CFO during reorganizations. He has been conducting business fraud examinations and crisis management throughout his career. 

In 1981 he began creating and teaching business operations courses and seminars at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) based on his first hand experiences. In 1991 he created the course, Detection and Prevention of Fraud in Business and Finance that he taught until 2004. This course focused on schemes, both detectable and not detected, used to defraud companies and investors.  His original two courses focused on business growth with financial control.

From 1994-2009 he taught over 50 Continuing Professional Education seminars for accountants and attorneys. One seminar dealt with deceptive client practices; the other dealt with discovery and resolution of untraceable (no paper trail) business fraud.  

He developed The Financial Compliance Test to enable a lender or investor to conduct a confidential forensic examination to uncover financial irregularities and deceptive activities.  

His book, Never Underestimate Who Can Cheat You!, is an essential guide for business fraud detection. 


He wrote a guide to help recognize Ponzi schemes and other investment scams before becoming their victim.


He has written a guide about bookkeeping to assist non-bookkeepers with their interactions titled, Bookkeeping For The Rest Of Us

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He speaks regularly to business and professional groups on topics of business and investment fraud and has been interviewed extensively in the media.