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David Goodman   (#632)   

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Tarzana, CA
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818 578 8706
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856 287 0303
Franchise Biz Consulting

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Sherry Warshaw




I have approaching 50 years of upper echelon business experience in every facet of business; from advertising initiation and placement, to evaluating brick and mortar retail sites, to marketing and market evaluations. I have a current RE license and I was with the most prestigious stock brokerage firms on Wall Street as a stock broker and financial expert.  I was hailed as the number one sales person for one of the largest privately owned mortgage companies in the country. Concerning the Health Care Industry, I have a degree in Allied Health and I am a registered nurse. Regarding direct experience with franchises, I was the sole owner and operator of the number one grossing Dunkin Donut store in the country.
My absolute main drive and objective is to place my candidates in the most rewarding and personally matched franchise. I do this by utilizing a scientific and proprietary software package plus my natural intuitive nature of learning everything about my candidate before I do a comprehensive search of the close to 500 franchises under contract with me.   
I am thorough and take immense pride in my work. Hopefully that will be apparent by the level of results I can accomplish.