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Robert Worth   (#107)   (Bob)

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Calabasas, CA
Email Address
(818) 222-2433
Mobile Phone
(818) 970-4759
Toll Free Phone
(800) 978-1529
(818) 222-2139
Robert J. Worth, Professional Law Corporation
Attorney at Law
23801 Calabasas Road

Suite #2033

Calabasas, CA  

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West Hills


 Elder Abuse Cases
                 1. Physical Abuse
                  2. Financial Abuse
                  3. Neglect

           People age 65 and over qualify for protection under California's Elder Abuse Act. Our elderly citizens are a source of a
           wealth of information and sometimes they have amassed great wealth. Many elders hold their families' wealth such as
           homes, savings and stock investments that have grown in value over many years during their lives while their children
           and grandchildren suffer financially in our current difficult economic environment. Family members are frequently
           unemployed and losing their homes and other assets. These elders are getting older and sometimes their age can
           cause physical and mental frailty, which can lead to confusion and memory loss. Those suffering from early signs of
           Alzheimer's disease may experience premature senile mental deterioration. This can make an elderly person am easy 
           mark for abuse by family members and guardians. Even those who are fiduciaries, such as brokers, bankers and 
           care givers themselves may also be struggling financially to survive. Yet, they all have special duties to their elderly 
           clients not to take financial advantage of them, but they do. Trades people, salesmen, neighbors and friends, mortgage
           and investment brokers and their companies might be motivated to target elders with financial ideas or gimmicks on
           how to invest and protect their savings and other assets just to earn a premium or commission. Some religious
           organizations focus on elders for their money. Elders might be easily influenced due to their impaired judgment,
           memory loss, fear, emotional and mental illness or maybe just because of the affects of brain tissue dying or failing due
           to the aging process. This makes elders vulnerable to cheaters and frauds when they involve what seem to be even the
           simplest and most transparent schemes. Elders lose their homes and end up on the streets even by those who we
           would think are bound ethically, morally and  legally to care for them! These are all various forms of financial elder
           abuse which is an ever increasing problem.

  • Labor and Employment Litigation


    • Wrongful Termination/Demotion
    • Discrimination, Harassment, Retaliation in the Workplace
    • Hostile Work Environment
    • Whistle blower Matters
    • Police Officer Associations' Membership & Police Dispatcher Staff Representation
    • Internal Affairs Representation
    • Wage & Hour/ Loss of Meal & Rest Breaks
    Many types of employment matters are handled including wrongful termination and demotion, (sexual and workplace) harassment, retaliation, discrimination, hostile work environment, wage/hour claims and environment cases. Contact us if your rights have been violated because you made a bona fide complaint concerning unsafe working conditions, you reported that the law has been violated or you were the victim of retaliation, discrimination and/or harassment because you warned the employer that placement of an unsafe product may cause harm to the consuming public may entitle you to bring an action against the employer. Prohibited retaliation includes discharge, threatened discharge, demotion, suspension or refusing to renew an employment contract. Protecting your rights or even negotiating employment contracts requires experience and solid legal skills. Our office excels in representing clients. If litigation is required, we are prepared to protect clients’ rights, in court, mediation or in arbitration, and have a demonstrated track record.  


  • Business & Partnership Litigation


    • Corporate Law Issues
    • Creation of Corporations  
    • Buy-Sell Agreements 
            I handle dissolution of corporations and partnerships I work to protect you and fight for your rights in courts throughout 
            California, whether the business matters involve business contracts, creation or termination of partnership 
            agreements, forming corporations to protect your personal assets litigation involving a breaches of contracts, wrongful
            competition; unfair business practices; actions against government entities or specific performance of contracts
            among other matters.
  • Major Personal Injury Litigation
             Experience and Success For Clients! The Law Offices of Robert J. Worth Handles:
    • Auto Accident Injuries: Dealing With Either The Negligent Driver's Insurance or Your Own Uninsured Motorist Insurance Claim
    • Injury Due to Defective Products
    • Motorcycle Accident Related Injuries
    • Boat Accidents
    • Airline Accidents & Crash Related Injuries
    • Medical & Hospital Malpractice
People get hurt. Robert J. Worth has years of experience including nearly 15 years in insurance both in claims handing and as the former Claims Training Administrator responsible for the administration of training of all liability claims representatives, supervisors and managers for Farmers Insurance, nationwide, so he knows how claims adjusters and managers process the claims and evaluate them for settlement. When the accident is someone else’s fault, or a corporation has manufactured a defective product that has caused an injury or damage the victim deserves prompt and fair consideration of their losses with appropriate compensation of all damages resulting from the accident and all necessary steps are taken including litigation if required, to get our clients all of the compensation, out-of-pocket losses, lost earnings and pain and suffering which they are entitled to recover.

In large and small cases, we aggressively fight for our clients’ rights against the other side’s frequently cold hearted insurance company claims staff and lawyers. It seems that some insurance claims people think they are smarter than claimants who have been injured and have damages, which were caused by the people they insure. Some claims adjusters seem to like to talk down to the injured claimants, which is why you should have Robert J. Worth on your side. He will insulate you from these types of claims people who may make an unreasonable, low ball offer to you if you are not represented and handling your claim alone. You should consider legal representation, immediately following your accident if you have been injured and suffered monetary damages. Over the years, we have handled major injury auto and motorcycle accidents, assaults and batteries, defamation (libel and slander), dog attacks and medical-hospital (including surgical centers) malpractice in courts throughout California. Special rules apply so you should contact Robert J. Worth to protect your rights! Fees for personal injury cases are on a contingency basis, meaning the fees are contingent on obtaining a recovery so, no attorney fees (or costs) are due until and unless a recovery is obtained through settlement, or mediation or we win in either arbitration or trial. The client pays absolutely nothing out of pocket.



  • Real Estate Litigation


    • Contract Disputes & Premises Liability Issues

We protect the property rights of individuals and businesses, when litigation arises. Our office addresses the real estate client’s rights in contract disputes, specific performance actions, mediations, litigation matters both for and against brokers, review and negotiation of residential and commercial real estate contracts, violations of homeowner association CC&Rs, dangerous condition of property leading to injury and damage, and disputes over rights to property.  Every real estate purchase and/or lease contract is negotiable. It is virtually always cost effective to have your contract for sale and lease documents reviewed, prior to their being signed.

Expert Witness Work:

  1. Insurance Coverage
  2. Claims Handling & Bad Faith Issues